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That's a heck of a claim. And it's one that I state my name, my reputation, and my business on. FiveSeven Training takes the most effective, most tested, tried and true methods of losing fat and building muscle and it pushes them to the extreme.

This website is different than any other fitness website you're going to find. I will give you more of my passion, energy, knowledge, and expertice than any other so called "guru" out there. By browsing around this website you'll find free workout routines, articles, YouTube videos, Diet and Cardio information... we will give you MORE than any other plan out there. Our eBook is for those who are truly committed to changing their bodies forever.

So what makes FiveSeven Training so effective? And why do we call it FiveSeven Training? FiveSeven Training takes the two most important principles of changing your body composition and executes them at a higher level than any other plan. Those principles are progressive overload and gradual caloric reduction.

Progressive Overload is what each weight training plan aims to accomplish. Forget everything about rep ranges, rest between sets, so called "advanced techniques" like drop sets, supersets, pyramid sets... progressive overload simply means that to continue to get results in the gym you need to constantly increasing the workload you're putting on your muscles. FiveSeven training maximizes your body's ability to get stronger every workout:

Every exercise is performed for 5-7 repetitions
Smaller muscle groups get 5 total sets
Larger muscle groups get 7 total sets

5-7 Reps, 5/7 Sets, FiveSeven Training

Gradual Caloric Reduction is the foundation for fat loss. To continue to lose body fat you must eat fewer calories than your body is burning. It doesn't matter what type of diet you are following, this principle always applies.

In our eBook we cover both topics in much greater detail.

Thanks for visiting my website. Be sure to check out the sections below and when you're ready, purchase our eBook. Your dream body is calling, it's time for you to step up and take it.

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